All things must end, in time and due course  



From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely thank all of you, whether client, vendor, supplier, distributor, employee, contractor, lender, financial partner, or any number of relationships, for all your support of Insomnia Solutions, LLC, from its inception as a sole-proprietor model years ago and through the company it emerged as over the past year.

While it was not an easy decision, my personal health, the well-being of our clients and team, and the actions of a few negative, nafarious, and disgustingly worthless bags of shit (CFG, ADP) players, have led us to cease operations.            


Once final balances come in, for those of you who had legitimate debts, which does NOT include CFG nor ADP, your balances will be paid.  Implementation of a billpay platform negatively impacted payables the last couple of months of operations (not related to CFG), and that money is due back to settle debts to you.  Legitimate debts are below, and note NONE of these nor any open debts are personally guaranteed. Those below will be paid as funds settle.

Synch****  $3500

Qui** $800

Stap**** $2700

Ador*** $2300

K Ca*** $560 

There are no open, valid debts with personal guarantees and therefore you do not need to contact me directly.  The above listed debts will be paid with pending returns (NOT INVOICES).  We will end with a net 0 balance for operations and are not ceasing operations due to insolvancy.   We expect all the above settled in the next 60 days.      



Your open balances are due according to your scheduled contracts, but note that there are NO OPEN Invoices that were opened beyond 15 Jun 2022 and remaining balances are old debt that has been promised to be repaid.  Please pay accordingly, so that the creditors to the left may be paid and we close with a zero balance.  

CFG, your fraudlent UCC filing omitted 2 things:  I did not offer a personal guarantee, so you cannot individually list me and your claim was to future invoiced receivables.  We have not invoiced anything since your filing and any outstanding balances due to us were prior to both your filing and your fraudlent actions since.  Those on the left will get paid, you can go F*** yourself as I have filed petition of dismissal for your UCC for the above reasons, in addition to your consipiracy to commit and actual committing of wire fraud, unlawful use of a credit instrument, extortion, breach of contract, harassment, violation of consumer rights, and over- compensating yourselves.  These are not liablous nor slanderous statements but documented and proven facts.  I will happily post these facts and all artifacts of them should you wish to pursue any further actions.  I have opened complaints with the CFPB, FBI, and State of Maryland against you.  Seriously, f*ck off and take ADP with you, who did not perform services invoiced.    To the rest of you, you are as have always been loved and thank you for your support and well-wishes.